Internal, Europe And All International Locations

Quite simply we have extensive experience in all repartiation situations and can advise, cost and undertake any aspect of the service. We know how important it is to get your loved ones home.We understand what a difficult and confusing time it is when a relative or friend dies while traveling, living or working abroad, we are able to offer you the personal service and attention required to alleviate any worry and concerns you may have.

Houghtons can provide the below services to our international repatriation clients:

  • We offer a full repatriation service to and from any country.

  • We arrange transfer of the deceased from any hospital or mortuary abroad, arrange all relevant permits and documents, supply a coffin or casket suitable for transportation by air, and arrange the transfer of the deceased to the airport

  • We are able to arrange for the translation of the death certificate and all other relevant documentation into any language for the purposes of repatriation

  • We arrange scheduled and charter flights for the transportation of the deceased to and from the United Kingdom

  • We offer a professional, respectful collection and delivery service throughout the mainland United Kingdom, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.