My Funeral Wishes

It’s one of life’s biggest events, if not the biggest. It’s certainly the only one we cannot avoid, yet many of us avoid talking about it, until it’s too late.

For that reason, too many don’t consider going to see a funeral director until they need one. In reality, Houghtons would be happy to sit down with you and provide no-obligation advice about your options.

Indeed, when it comes to funerals, there are more choices than people often think. Whether you want to follow a theme that reflects your interests, be laid to rest in a natural setting, or have a service in the great outdoors, Houghtons can assist.

Getting your funeral right can give you peace of mind.

Questionaire to help you.

To help you think about the kind of funeral you would like, we have developed this simple questionnaire. We recommend filling in the form in the company of others, to initiate a conversation about your funeral and theirs. After all, you wouldn’t plan a wedding on your own, so why a funeral?

Developing plans now, will help your friends and relatives make important decisions at a time of great distress and upset with certainty. Think of it as your last act of kindness. Your funeral can reflect you
and your wishes. The questions on this form are designed to start conversations, but you may end up with something this form doesn’t directly suggest. The choice is yours, and Houghtons will be glad to help.

Please feel free to complete the form below and we can chat through your choices at a time to suit you.

In addition to making your wishes known you can also set up Funeral Plans to ensure total peace of mind, knowing your funeral is paid for. Our team can also go to your club or Church to give an informal talk to take away the myths.


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